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Egg carton mushroom

With imagination, egg cartons can be used in all kinds of art projects. And what better way to recycle?

The mushroom project is a nice little project for Fall, when mushrooms are most abundant in nature.

Making a mushroom from egg cartons is a good way to integrate Art with Science topics. It is a good opportunity to learn the vocabulary that relates to mushrooms, such as the stem, the cap, the gills, the spores, etc. And it can be combined with a hike in the woods where mushrooms can be observed in their natural environment, and where you can learn about the important distinction between edible mushrooms and those who may look appetizing but are actually poisonous.

Note: Unless you have specialized knowledge in this area, it is better not to eat mushrooms found in nature; the risk of poisoning is very real.

The egg carton mushroom can also become Christmas ornament. Use bright or opalescent colours. Glitter is always a big success as well.

Click to view the video or print the free document.


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