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Jean-François Faucher at Santa’s Workshop

An interview with Jean-François Faucher, author of Panic at Santa’s Workshop, by Holly Ivy the Elf.

Jean-François, what gave you the idea to write a Christmas story?
Well, ou could say that the idea came to me by itself. One night in December, a few years ago, I was in my chicken coop, putting winter boots on my hens, when Slush deposited a box in my yard before running back to the North Pole. In that box was the true story of Panic at Santa’s Workshop that Slush had written down by hand, as it had happened to him! My children and I loved that story so much that I retyped in on the computer and asked my friend Martin to illustrate it.

Have you been writing books for a long time?
Panic at Santa’s Workshop is the first of two books that I have published so far. However, I have been writing stories, sketches and scenarios for a long time. In elementary school, I was very often daydreaming and inventing stories and my teachers had to bring me down to earth. Since I became a dad, I have enjoyed improvising stories when it is time to put my children to bed.

What do you like about Slush’s universe?
Because it blends traditional Christmas elements (reindeer, Santa’s workshop, elves) with modern elements (icepod,…). Also, Martin created magnificent illustrations in which one can always find little amusing and original details.

Do you and Martin have a cause that is close to your heart?
Yes! Reading in school. We believe that group reading is an excellent opportunity to stimulate the children’s imagination and love of reading. That is why we offer teachers a “group reading kit” when they purchase a Slush the Elf book.

Each kit contains:
– illustrations in JPEG format that you can show on a screen during the reading;
– a digital version of the text;
– ideas for fun activities with Slush the Elf and his friends.

How can we get the kit?
Once you have purchased the book, go to the group reading kit section of the website heureduconte.com (no longer available) and enter the password. Then download the group reading kit for the book that you bought.

What are your Christmas wishes for the readers?
Snow and lots of giggles!

Holly Ivy

Jean-François Faucher and Martin Aubry

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