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Olympic Games Host Cities

After the start of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, most Games took place in Europe. Maybe that was logical, since the tradition of a peaceful sport competition has its origin in ancient Greece, where one of the objectives was to promote good relations between Greek city states.

Since the end of the Second World War, the Games have been spread more evenly between the continents, except Africa, where they have never taken place. It is interesting to note that after Rio, the next three Games will occur in Asia.

Since 1994, the Winter Olympics do not happen in the same year as the Summer Olympics. Both series are organized on a 4-year cycle, but the Winter Games are offset by 2 years with respect to the Summer Games.

Several cities have hosted the Olympic Games more than once.  Athens and London have each hosted the Summer Games three times.  Innsbruck (Austria), St-Moritz (Switzerland) and Lake Placid (USA) have had the Winter Games twice, while Los Angeles and Paris have each been host to the Summer Games twice.

The 2020 Olympic Games were postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. They finally took place from July 23 to August 8, 2021 in Tokyo. It was the second time the Summer Games were held in that city. The first time was in 1964. Before that, the XIIth Olympic Games had been planned for Tokyo in 1940 but they were cancelled due to the Second World War.

Beijing is the first city to have hosted the Summer Olympic Games (in 2008) as well as the Winter Games (in 2022).

Summer Games SummerGames
Winter Games Winter Games

Year No. City Country Continent
1896 Summer Games I Athens Greece Europe
1900 Summer Games II Paris France Europe
1904 Summer Games III St. Louis United States North America
1906* Summer Games Intercalated Athens Greece Europe
1908 Summer Games IV London United Kingdom Europe
1912 Summer Games V Stockholm Sweden Europe
1916 Summer Games VI Cancelled (First World War)
1920 Summer Games VII Antwerp Belgium Europe
1924 Winter Games I Chamonix France Europe
1924 Summer Games VIII Paris France Europe
1928 Winter Games II St-Moritz Switzerland Europe
1928 Summer Games IX Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
1932 Winter Games III Lake Placid United States North America
1932 Summer Games X Los Angeles United States North America
1936 Winter Games IV Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany Europe
1936 Summer Games XI Berlin Germany Europe
1940 Winter Games V Cancelled (Second World War)
1940 Summer Games XII Cancelled (Second World War)
1944 Winter Games V Cancelled (Second World War)
1944 Summer Games XIII Cancelled (Second World War)
1948 Winter Games V St-Moritz Switzerland Europe
1948 Summer Games XIV London United Kingdom Europe
1952 Winter Games VI Oslo Norway Europe
1952 Summer Games XV Helsinki Finland Europe
1956 Winter Games VII Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy Europe
1956 Summer Games XVI Melbourne Australia Oceania
1960 Winter Games VIII Squaw Valley United States North America
1960 Summer Games XVII Rome Italy Europe
1964 Winter Games IX Innsbruck Austria Europe
1964 Summer Games XVIII Tokyo Japan Asia
1968 Winter Games X Grenoble France Europe
1968 Summer Games XIX Mexico Mexico North America
1972 Winter Games XI Sapporo Japan Asia
1972 Summer Games XX Munich West Germany Europe
1976 Winter Games XII Innsbruck Austria Europe
1976 Summer Games XXI Montreal Canada North America
1980 Winter Games XIII Lake Placid United States North America
1980 Summer Games XXII Moscow Soviet Union Europe
1984 Winter Games XIV Sarajevo Yugoslavia Europe
1984 Summer Games XXIII Los Angeles United States North America
1988 Winter Games XV Calgary Canada North America
1988 Summer Games XXIV Seoul South Korea Asia
1992 Winter Games XVI Albertville France Europe
1992 Summer Games XXV Barcelona Spain Europe
1994 Winter Games XVII Lillehammer Norway Europe
1996 Summer Games XXVI Atlanta United States North America
1998 Winter Games XVIII Nagano Japan Asia
2000 Summer Games XXVII Sydney Australia Oceania
2002 Winter Games XIX Salt Lake City United States North America
2004 Summer Games XXVIII Athens Greece Europe
2006 Winter Games XX Turin Italy Europe
2008 Summer Games XXIX Beijing China Asia
2010 Winter Games XXI Vancouver Canada North America
2012 Summer Games XXX London United Kingdom Europe
2014 Winter Games XXII Sochi Russia Europe
2016 Summer Games XXXI Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America
2018 Winter Games XXIII Pyeongchang South Korea Asia
2020** Summer Games XXXII Tokyo Japan Asia
2022 Winter Games XXIV Beijing China Asia
2024 Summer Games XXXIII Paris France Europe
2026 Winter Games XXV Milano Italy Europe
2028 Summer Games XXXIV Los Angeles United States North America

* The 1906 Intercalated Games are no longer recognized as an official Olympic Games.

** The XXXII-nd Olympic Summer Games were held in 2021.

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