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Olympic Games Host Cities

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro mark the first time that the Games are held in South America.

After the start of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, most Games took place in Europe. Maybe that was logical, since the tradition of a peaceful sport competition has its origin in ancient Greece, where one of the objectives was to promote good relations between Greek city states.

Since the end of the Second World War, the Games have been spread more evenly between the continents, except Africa, where they have never taken place. It is interesting to note that after Rio, the next three Games will occur in Asia.

Since 1994, the Winter Olympics do not happen in the same year as the Summer Olympics. Both series are organized on a 4-year cycle, but the Winter Games are offset by 2 years with respect to the Summer Games.

Several cities have hosted the Olympic Games more than once.  Athens and London have each hosted the Summer Games three times.  Innsbruck (Austria), St-Moritz (Switzerland) and Lake Placid (USA) have had the Winter Games twice, while Los Angeles and Paris have each been host to the Summer Games twice.

If things go according to plan, Beijing will become the first city to have hosted the Summer Olympic Games (in 2008) as well as the Winter Games (in 2022).

Summer Games SummerGames
Winter Games Winter Games

1896Summer Games IAthensGreeceEurope
1900Summer Games IIParisFranceEurope
1904Summer Games IIISt. LouisUnited StatesNorth America
1906Summer Games IntercalatedAthensGreeceEurope
1908Summer Games IVLondonUnited KingdomEurope
1912Summer Games VStockholmSwedenEurope
1916Summer Games VICancelled (First World War)
1920Summer Games VIIAntwerpBelgiumEurope
1924Winter Games IChamonixFranceEurope
1924Summer Games VIIIParisFranceEurope
1928Winter Games IISt-MoritzSwitzerlandEurope
1928Summer Games IXAmsterdamNetherlandsEurope
1932Winter Games IIILake PlacidUnited StatesNorth America
1932Summer Games XLos AngelesUnited StatesNorth America
1936Winter Games IVGarmisch-PartenkirchenGermanyEurope
1936Summer Games XIBerlinGermanyEurope
1940Winter Games VCancelled (Second World War)
1940Summer Games XIICancelled (Second World War)
1944Winter Games VCancelled (Second World War)
1944Summer Games XIIICancelled (Second World War)
1948Winter Games VSt-MoritzSwitzerlandEurope
1948Summer Games XIVLondonUnited KingdomEurope
1952Winter Games VIOsloNorwayEurope
1952Summer Games XVHelsinkiFinlandEurope
1956Winter Games VIICortina d’AmpezzoItalyEurope
1956Summer Games XVIMelbourneAustraliaOceania
1960Winter Games VIIISquaw ValleyUnited StatesNorth America
1960Summer Games XVIIRomeItalyEurope
1964Winter Games IXInnsbruckAustriaEurope
1964Summer Games XVIIITokyoJapanAsia
1968Winter Games XGrenobleFranceEurope
1968Summer Games XIXMexicoMexicoNorth America
1972Winter Games XISapporoJapanAsia
1972Summer Games XXMunichWest GermanyEurope
1976Winter Games XIIInnsbruckAustriaEurope
1976Summer Games XXIMontrealCanadaNorth America
1980Winter Games XIIILake PlacidUnited StatesNorth America
1980Summer Games XXIIMoscowSoviet UnionEurope
1984Winter Games XIVSarajevoYugoslaviaEurope
1984Summer Games XXIIILos AngelesUnited StatesNorth America
1988Winter Games XVCalgaryCanadaNorth America
1988Summer Games XXIVSeoulSouth KoreaAsia
1992Winter Games XVIAlbertvilleFranceEurope
1992Summer Games XXVBarcelonaSpainEurope
1994Winter Games XVIILillehammerNorwayEurope
1996Summer Games XXVIAtlantaUnited StatesNorth America
1998Winter Games XVIIINaganoJapanAsia
2000Summer Games XXVIISydneyAustraliaOceania
2002Winter Games XIXSalt Lake CityUnited StatesNorth America
2004Summer Games XXVIIIAthensGreeceEurope
2006Winter Games XXTurinItalyEurope
2008Summer Games XXIXBeijingChinaAsia
2010Winter Games XXIVancouverCanadaNorth America
2012Summer Games XXXLondonUnited KingdomEurope
2014Winter Games XXIISochiRussiaEurope
2016Summer Games XXXIRio de JaneiroBrazilSouth America
2018Winter Games XXIIIPyeongchangSouth KoreaAsia
2020Summer Games XXXIITokyoJapanAsia
2022Winter Games XXIVBeijingChinaAsia

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