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How to make a hot air balloon

Integrate art and science in this fascinating project that is simple yet impressive and will leave a lasting impression. All the supplies you need are easily obtainable and you may already have most of them.
Making the hot air balloon is a great team project for grade 4 and up (approximately). This video also shows how to make your balloon fly.

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  • Hi, Can this pattern work with rip -stop fabric (kite fabric) ?

    Thank you, its very beautiful

    • I have never tried that. I’d be afraid that nylon kite fabric would melt with the heat from the fire. You could give it a try (very carefully…).

  • Hello! your design looks great. I’m curious if you’ve tried other heat sources? I would like to do this in an after-school program and don’t think the school would want me building a fire pit on their ball field. What about a heat gun? or maybe birthday candles I could possibly get away with. thanks.

    • In the past, I have used a small camping stove (with a gas cartridge) as a heat source. But if you do that, build a chimney from non-combustible material, because if you put the stove’s flame too close to the balloon opening, you will burn the paper. That advice probably applies to candles as well.

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