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Playdough without the mess

Playing with play dough is fun for kids but how to delimit the area where they work?

Here is a simple solution. Take a remnant of vinyl floor covering. If it is a piece of a big roll, cut squares from it. Use an indelible marker to write the name of each child on one of the squares.

There are several advantages to having a well-defined work area for the child and for you.

Modeling clay is always a little greasy; so when the child works on a square of vinyl, it is not necessary to clean the table or the desk. In addition, each child works at his or her own pace and those who work more slowly can put their project aside and come back to it later.

When it’s over, don’t forget to take a picture of their work! With today’s digital technology, it’s easy to keep track of the work and the progress of the children!

Ask friends and relatives if they have remnants of vinyl flooring and be prepared!

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