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Making a giant globe together

Earth Day is right around the corner. The one day we take time to really celebrate the magnificent globe that brings us all our bare essentials and necessities. Really, it’s a day we should have more often, but alas there’s just this one. Give your kids and group the best Earth Day activity with our paper mache project. So many generations have lost out on the learning aspect of the environment and how we can make a difference. It’s time to raise awareness in our future generations, and motivate them to work to improve the health of our planet.

The Animaplates Globe of the World isn’t just a globe ready to be painted. It’s a true work of art created by those in your group, with their hands literally showing off their handiwork. You see, towards the end of our Earth Day celebration and project, we add cut-outs of hands to the stand of the globe. This really accentuates the fact that we can work together to save the Earth and the environment. The Earth contains a diverse and interdependent variety of life and species. If you have want to give the children a handle on how important this day is, then choose this project and give them a first-hand knowledge.

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Each child can add something from their heritage, because many families originally came from another country. One child can help draw or paint Germany, another Italy and another Canada. In the end, you’ll have a good representation of everyone’s history, talents and how they can work together to make one project so much better!

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