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A Nest for Easter

Winter is coming to an end, the weather warms up and soon, the birds will build nests to lay their eggs and brood. Did you know that the nest is not always built by the female bird? With some species, the male takes care of that and with others, it’s a shared responsibility.  A bit like with us humans, maybe…

The tradition of eating eggs at Easter probably originates with the celebration of new life symbolized by bird eggs. I don’t know how we got from there to chocolate eggs, but it sure was a great idea!

Making a little bird nest as a craft project is an activity much loved by children. For older kids, it will be an opportunity to learn about birds and their reproduction. For the little ones, it is a project that is within their reach and that they can decorate to their liking. You’ll find free instructions here.

For Easter, you can fill the nest with chocolate eggs and it will look very pretty on your breakfast table.


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