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Easter Posts

Let’s make Easter baskets

On your marks… Get Ready…. GOOOO!!!!! Oh to be a child chasing those candy filled eggs with all the other kids. Must have a strategy and be quick because you know there are lots of other seekers in this game of hide the eggs! There’s much more to Easter than just that, but kids do …

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Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Did you know that white glue becomes transparent as it dries? I have no idea why that happens, but I find it very useful when gluing things together, because if you spill a bit of glue it doesn’t show. And you can also use this fact to get very nice stained glass effects. To make …

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Potato Printing

Are you looking for a Spring craft that you can do with young children? Have you considered potato printing? Kids love it and even those who are not too comfortable with a paint brush will have a lot of fun painting with a potato. The round shape of the potato inspired me to create this …

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Paper bag puppets – for kids?

I think that paper bag puppets are a marvelous crafts for kids, an ideal way to bring out their creativity, both in creating the puppet and in acting out a story with it. Paper bag puppets are low cost, recyclable and you probably have some paper bags in your kitchen already so that you don’t …

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Big decorations for tiny hands

Decorating Easter eggs can be a challenge for young children because they have not yet fully developed their fine motor skills. Painting on a slippery curvy surface requires a bit of practice and one does not always have the time to help young children paint Easter eggs. One solution is to make giant eggs with paper …

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How to make an Easter Tree

In certain countries, it is a tradition for Easter to decorate a shrub or a tree with painted eggs. But why use real eggs when you can make them yourself using egg cartons?  Paper eggs are a lot lighter and easier to manipulate by children’s hands. They are easier to paint and quite resistant to …

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A Nest for Easter

Winter is coming to an end, the weather warms up and soon, the birds will build nests to lay their eggs and brood. Did you know that the nest is not always built by the female bird? With some species, the male takes care of that and with others, it’s a shared responsibility.  A bit …

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The hen with the chocolate eggs

In some countries, legend has it that Easter eggs are brought by bunnies.  But did you ever ask yourself the question: who lays those famous Easter eggs?  It’s time to give credit to the hen for her work! The little Animaplates hen is a nice project to do with your children in anticipation of Easter.  On Easter Sunday, …

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