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Big decorations for tiny hands

Decorating Easter eggs can be a challenge for young children because they have not yet fully developed their fine motor skills. Painting on a slippery curvy surface requires a bit of practice and one does not always have the time to help young children paint Easter eggs.

One solution is to make giant eggs with paper plates. The big surface of the paper plates is easier to paint and requires less precision than real eggs.  I did this project with a group of children and it was a big success. When the paint had dried, we hung the large decorated eggs with strings from the ceiling. It looked very festive.

These decorations are of course also great for adults. If you want to quickly decorate a large number of eggs, use the stencil painting technique that I show in my video on making giant eggs.

Did you know why Easter is celebrated with eggs? I always thought that it had something to do with the renewal of Nature, but I found an article that offers another explanation: apparently there was a time when eggs were forbidden during lent. Since the hens did not stop laying eggs during that time, farmers were left with a large quantity of eggs at Easter. So Easter was a good time to eat all those eggs.


Video: How to make giant Easter eggs

Why do we have eggs at Easter?

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