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Miscellaneous Posts

Organizing Animaplates’ new studio

Last November, the Animaplates team (my husband and I with our two cats) moved into a new home. I promised you, at that time, that I would share pictures of my new studio. After having organized the rest of the house (and celebrated Christmas and New Year), I finally have time to start organizing my …

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New and improved website

Almost a year ago, we found out that some of the software used by the Animaplates website was near the end of its life. That’s techno-speak for saying that the software is no longer supported and problems are no longer fixed. So we decided to replace the obsolete pieces of software with new ones, and …

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Gift boxes with all kinds of decorations

I made a lot of gift boxes using the pattern that you can find here, and I had fun decorating them all in different ways. I had to stop when I ran out of boxes… Let’s see what I did with buttons. First, a heart. And then, balloons. Why not? And a flower: Now, let’s …

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Survey Results March 2018

We are busy renovating certain aspects of the Animaplates website. Some of these updates are necessary because of software reaching the end of its life, but we also want to take this opportunity to improve the website and make it even easier to use. That’s why we asked for your opinion in a short survey. …

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The Canadian Flag of École Pasteur

In early September of 2016, the 26 kindergarten students of Edvig and Jessica of Pasteur Primary School in Bretagne (France) welcomed Beaverly, a Canadian cousin of their class mascot beaver Nestor! Beaverly was accompanied by Joelle and Frank from Ottawa, who also carried her suitcase full of books. Beaverly was going to share her love …

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How to make a stop-motion animation

Do you remember the spider made with an egg carton? For the introduction to that video, I made the spider run around a pumpkin. Several people asked me how I had created that animation. So I decided to give you a behind-the-scenes look. Here is a video that reveals the techniques I used. You could …

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Mr. Owl explains the Lunar Eclipse

Beaverly is all upset because she thinks someone has eaten the Moon! She goes to see her friend, Mr. Owl, who explains to her what causes an eclipse of the Moon. During a lunar eclipse, you can’t see the Moon because it is in the shadow of the Earth for a few hours. You surely know that the Earth turns …

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Beaverly shows us her park

It’s official: our beaver’s name is Beaverly. In this video, she shows us the nature park where she lives. This is where her adventures start… Parc Omega is an animal park located in Quebec, about half way between Ottawa and Montreal (in Canada).

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Name this Beaver!

Hello! I am a beaver and I live in a big forest with other animals. The other animals just call me “Beaver” but I would like to have a nice first name like you humans have. If you want to help me, you can suggest ideas for my name on my blog or on Facebook. …

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What is a magnet?

The best way to explain magnets to young children, is to make them experience different activities that involve magnets. The magnets can be used to understand the way they work but they can also be used as a medium to create different projects or activities. This is what I would like to explore in the …

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The secret revealed

The big project that I have worked for the last few months is a giant nutcracker. Taller than I am! For more details, read this article.

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