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Paper Plates Posts

Let’s make Easter baskets

On your marks… Get Ready…. GOOOO!!!!! Oh to be a child chasing those candy filled eggs with all the other kids. Must have a strategy and be quick because you know there are lots of other seekers in this game of hide the eggs! There’s much more to Easter than just that, but kids do …

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Creatures of the Sea

An underwater world of Animaplates. For instructions on how to make these projects, see the Sea Creatures page. Mural made by children in an Animaplates workshop:

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Give a body to your snowman!

By Samantha What does it take to have the complete attention of a child? A project with as much personality as them, of course. Have you ever thought about why video games and cartoons have the profound effect of stimulating kids for hours? It is not just because they can sit on their bottoms and …

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How to make a Snowman with paper plates

Snow is falling and the kids are all excited to go out and play in the snow. What’s more exciting than rolling a snowball so that it gets bigger and bigger and then build a snowman with it!  Put a carrot in its face, stones for his eyes and mouth and a hat on his …

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Lighthouses of many colours

Today was the first of my two days of workshops at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa.  And what a wonderful day I had, helping young and not so young to create the lighthouse of their dreams. (You too can make the Animaplates lighthouse craft !) I have seen all kinds of colours, striped, squared, …

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Big decorations for tiny hands

Decorating Easter eggs can be a challenge for young children because they have not yet fully developed their fine motor skills. Painting on a slippery curvy surface requires a bit of practice and one does not always have the time to help young children paint Easter eggs. One solution is to make giant eggs with paper …

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Yesterday, I gave a workshop for a group of 5-year-olds. They made and decorated their own maraca. They were going to use it in a musical activity. This was a perfect example of integrating visual arts with other topics, in this case music. For the children, however, it was first and foremost a creative activity …

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A Christmas tree with paper plates?

Yes, it sounds weird, but that’s the challenge I took on in November 2010. Mind you, it wasn’t the first time because in 2006 I had also participated in the “Trees of Hope” competition that takes place every year to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. This time there was an additional challenge: in the category …

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