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Valentine's Day Posts

Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to tell the people who play an important role in your life that you appreciate them. A nice way to say that is through a card that you made yourself, because in that case, in addition to the kind words written on it, the card itself will be a gift …

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Card with tiny hands

Here is how to make a card that says “I love you” from a child. The little ones will need your help, but they will be proud of the result since their own hands are represented on the card. To start, take two sheets of construction paper in contrasting colours like pink and red, for …

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Craft ideas with LED candles

Children are fascinated by candles. There is magic in the way candles give light and warmth. But candles also represent a real fire hazard and you should never leave a candle burning if you’re not there to watch it.  So how can you let children make crafts with candles? Battery operated candles are a perfect …

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A Heart for Valentine

How can you make stained glass with children? Stained glass is an assembly of pieces of glass of different colours that together form a  picture. When light shines through the transparent glass it brings the picture to life. Of course, in school, children can’t work with glass but you can play with light shining through …

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The History of Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine was a priest who died as a martyr. He was executed by the Romans on February 14 of the year 269. At the time of Valentine, Emperor Claudius “the Cruel” had abolished marriage. He had a hard time recruiting soldiers and thought that married men would not make good soldiers because they wouldn’t …

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