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How to make a pompom

Yarn pom poms are used in many creative craft projects. Here is how to make your own pompoms.

Use recycled cardboard to create the base of the pompom. For my part, I used an empty cereal box. Draw two circles of the same size. To draw circles, you can either use a compass or a circular object. I used the edge of a cup to draw the circles.

Cut out both circles.

Draw a small circle in the centre of one of the circles. Cut out the small circle. Overlay the circle with the hole on top of the other circle and trace the small circle on it and cut it out.

You get two identical rings. Overlay the two rings on top of each other.

Take a needle with a big eye and thread it with a very long piece of yarn. Pull the yarn on the needle so that it is double; that will speed up your work.

Pass the needle through the hole in the centre of the rings but leave 3 to 4 inches that you block with your hand that holds the rings. Turn the yarn around the rings, passing the needle through the hole in the centre each time. Rotate the circle each time to spread the yarn around the circle.

When you get to the end of the yarn, leave a few inches and then start again with a new piece of yarn. Repeat as many times as necessary until the hole in the centre is filled.

Take a pair of scissors and cut all the loops that are around the outside of the cardboard rings.

When you have cut all the loops, take a new thread that you slip between the two rings of cardboard. Go around, pull tight and then make a double knot. Go around again, pull tighter if you can and again make a double knot to ensure all the threads of the pompom are held in place.

Now tear the two cardboard rings and remove them.

Equalize the ends of yarn that protrude to have a pretty pompom.

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