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How to make a pompom with a fork

Here is how to make a small pompom using a fork.

Take a piece of yarn of about 12 to 15 inches. Pass it between two tines of a fork and attach it to the handle of the fork with masking tape.

Take the ball of yarn and start turning the yarn around the tines of the fork. When you have put enough yarn around the fork, cut the yarn.

Remove the masking tape from the fork handle and use this yarn to wrap around the yarn that is wound around the fork. Tighten as much as possible and make a double knot.

Remove the wool from the fork and wrap the yarn around the wool again, tightening it and make a double knot again. The yarn has to be tight to make sure all the threads of the pompom are held in place.

Take scissors and cut the loops on both sides of the knot to form the pompom. If necessary, trim the yarn threads to obtain a pretty pompom.

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